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Baptism at Bridgeway

We are so glad that you or one of your children are interested in pursuing baptism at Bridgeway. There are a few important steps in this process.

  • First, carefully read our brief description of what the Bible teaches about the nature and purpose of baptism. If you are a parent or guardian, carefully read our Baptism for Children guide to help you discern your child's readiness for baptism.
  • Second, fill out the baptism form at the bottom of this page. Please be sure to read our guide to writing a testimony.

  • Third, meet with us in person so we can walk through the story of what God has done in your life or the life of your child. You will be contacted by a staff member to schedule a time once we receive your baptism form.

  • Fourth and finally, read this brief guide to preparing for the actual day of the baptism service.

June 3 (sign up by May 6)
August 5 (sign up by July 8)
October 7 (sign up by September 9)
December 2 (sign up by November 4)


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