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The Blessed and Happy Life

How are we to live as Christians in the midst of crisis and chaos? When we see the world seemingly spinning out of control, what does God want to see in us, his people?
 ​ If ever there were a time in our history when the beatitudes were needed, it is now. Look around, what do you see? Selfishness and fear. Entitlement. Anger and pride and calloused disregard for the welfare and feelings of others. Hatred. Division. But the words of Jesus offer precise clarity during this confusing and chaotic time. Each beatitude is directly contrary to the spirit of the age today. Come and sit at the feet of Jesus. Listen intently to these words for his disciples about the sort of people we are to be at all times, especially today. Go out determined by the power of the Spirit to display a perspective and lifestyle that is directly counter to the mindset of the world, because yours is the Kingdom of Heaven.

August 9, 2020

In the Shade of Dying Trees

Speaker: Hayden Hefner Series: Stand-Alone Sermons & Guest Speakers Topic: 2020 Scripture: 1 John 5:13–5:21

Old Testament