Community Groups

Bridgeway Community Groups are communities of people throughout our city committed to Christ, each other, and mission. We don’t grow or go alone. Instead, we are united by the gospel, moving toward Jesus in intimacy and with him on mission.  

In Community Groups, we dedicate space in our lives to know and be known by others as we pursue Christ together. As a community, we pursue the manifest presence of the Holy Spirit and learn to increasingly live under the functional authority of the Bible. We are passionate about having an undistracted love for God and his supernatural purposes in our groups and wherever he sends us.


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Core Elements of Bridgeway Church Community Groups

Word and Spirit—We cling to the Word of God and believe the Spirit works supernaturally through spiritual gifts given to every believer.

Discipleship in community—We want to help each other cultivate a deep intimacy with Jesus.

Partnering with one another on mission—We cooperate with our unique gifts to see the Kingdom of God come near to our networks, neighborhoods, the marginalized, and the nations.

Multiplication—We seek to multiply our groups to see more people in Godly community.

Community—We build genuine friendships for accountability and connection.

Our groups meet throughout the greater Oklahoma City metro area and each group looks a bit different. We want to engage on mission geographically with those in our neighborhoods across the city. Our leaders have the freedom to launch inspired vision as they lead and love their group and the people around them. When we help connect you with a group, we consider geography, availability, mission, and stage of life.


Discipleship Groups

Discipleship Groups (D-Groups) are smaller groups of three to four men or women who meet regularly to share the details of their lives. These groups are usualy formed out of community groups. Trust and safety are built over time as you grow in friendship and discipleship. There are no requirements to begin a D-Group. Find people who love you and love Jesus, then begin meeting.


Healthy D-Group Rhythms

Scripture — Bring to the group a Scripture that applies to your life. Scripture can lead you to adore God, see and hate your sin, or ask for grace.

Sharing — Sharing with your D-Group includes three things: sanctification (good fruit), suffering (what's hard), and sin (bad fruit). All three are necessary for a healthy group.

Spread of the gospel — Who would you most love to see become a disciple of Jesus? Pray together for God to give you the opportunity to build deeper relationships with them, introduce them to Christian community, and share the gospel.

Supplication and Spirit — Sharing with your group provides the opportunity to turn needs into prayers. Listen to the promptings of the Holy Spirit and let him provide the answers rather than relying on human wisdom.