What are Spiritual Disciplines? 

Spiritual Disciplines are habits, practices, and rhythms that cultivate spiritual growth in a disciple’s life. When centered on God instead of self-effort, spiritual disciplines produce the fruit of Christ-like transformation. 

During the months of OCTOBER & NOVEMBER 2021, we are focusing on the Spiritual Discipline of Sacrificial Living as part of our church-wide discipleship plan, Beholding & Becoming.

We engage with Sacrificial Living through the practices of Simplicity, Generosity, and Serving.

Below is a curated list of resources on Sacrificial Living designed to help you grow. Revisit these articles, podcasts & videos anytime, and share with a friend!



Limiting the number of our possessions, expenses, activities and social obligations to a level where we are free to live joyfully in the Kingdom with Jesus. – John Mark Comer 

Simplicity sets us free to receive the provision of God, as a gift that is not ours to keep and can be freely shared with others. – Richard Foster 


4 paradoxes

ARTICLE: Four Paradoxes of Christian Simplicity by Richard Foster

A pivotal paradox for us to understand is that simplicity is both a grace and a discipline. It is a grace because it is given to us by God. There is no way that we can build up our willpower or contort our natural tendencies to attain it. It is a gift to be graciously given and received. At the same time, simplicity is also a discipline because it is something we are called to do. Spiritual disciplines (prayer, meditation, etc.) do not give us simplicity, but they do put us in the place where we can receive it.


 Sabbath podcast

PODCAST: Simplicity - John Mark Comer

Tune in to hear John Mark and Jeff chat about simplicity and how we can cultivate it as followers of Jesus.


 Freedom of simplicity

BOOK: Freedom of Simplicity by Richard Foster

Simplicity is not merely having less stress and more leisure but an essential spiritual discipline for the health of our soul.




One Life Simplicity 

STUDY: Celebration of Discipline, Week 5: Simplicity

Week five of One Life Leaders' 12-week series exploring Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. 


 How to unhurry

VIDEO: How to Unhurry Simplicity - John Mark Comer 

John Mark Comer teaches 4 practical ways to simplify the physical and intangible things we keep in our lives. (10 minutes)



VIDEO: Limit How Much you Own - Bridgetown Church 
How do we index our heart away from its slavery to the desire for more and toward freedom? According to Jesus, the New Testament, and church history, one way is limitations. (5 minutes)



Showing a readiness to give more of something, as money or time, than is strictly necessary or expected. 

“You can give without loving, but you cannot love without giving.”  - Ami Carmichael 



ARTICLE: The Grace of Giving by Richard Foster

The grace of giving is often a tremendous stimulant to the life of faith. This is why the offering is correctly placed as part of the worship experience.



VIDEO: Generosity - Francis Chan

Francis Chan talks about how the world could be impacted if Christians would give the way that Jesus teaches. (4 minutes)

 Practice Generosity

VIDEO: Practice Generosity - Bridgetown Church

How do we index our heart away from its slavery to the desire for more and toward freedom? According to Jesus, the New Testament, and church history, one way is practicing generosity. (6 minutes)



“To master the discipline of service, we first need to learn to draw near to Jesus and learn to be with him and get to know him. As we do this, he shapes our hearts and the service which stems from this place will be ‘true service’, rather than ‘self-righteous’ service.” - Richard J. Foster


Service a practical guide

ARTICLE: Service - A Practical Guide by Adele Calhoun

Many Americans spend their lives working themselves into a place where they can be served more than serve. As the saying goes: ‚Äč“It’s good to be queen [or king]!” Our culture sees the blessed ones as those who gel waited on and served. And few among us aspire to be the maid with the job of serving and blessing others.


understanding service

ARTICLE: Understanding Service by Richard J. Foster

Service as a Christian spiritual discipline is difficult to capture in words. We learn about service best by watching it in action over an extended period of time. 


celeration of discipline

STUDY: Celebration of Discipline, Week 8: Serving

Week eight of One Life Leaders' 12-week series exploring Celebration of Discipline by Richard Foster. 

The significance of service is not only in blessing those we serve, but in the way it shapes us to be more like Jesus.


spiritual discipline of service

PODCAST: The Spiritual Discipline of Service

The habits, patterns, and rhythms of our life always shape who we are and what we're becoming. Service is a discipline that is expected of every Christian, but does a rhythm of disciplined service shape us? This episode will help you consider where and how to get started in the discipline of service.